"Mr. Potato's Christmas Show" is the fourth Christmas of the animated television series Peppa Pig, aired in the show's fourth season.


Madame Gazelle is taking the children on a field trip to the local theater to see Mr. Potato's Christmas show live. The show stars the Christmas Vegetable Family with Mr. Potato, Mrs. Carrot, Sweet Cranberry and Little Sprout. The children take their seats as the lights dim when all of a sudden Madame Gazelle's cell phone starts ringing, tricking the children into thinking the show has started. Madame Gazelle silences her phone and now the real show starts. The curtain raises and Mr. Potato stands on stage and welcomes the children to the show, introducing them to the rest of the vegetable family. However, when Little Sprout is introduced, he is hiding and Mrs. Carrot asks the children to find him. They find him behind them and the show continues with Mrs. Carrot as the Magic Fairy Carrot who grants sweet Cranberry's wish of having a Christmas tree. They then begin to sing a song and the curtain closes. While the children seem as if the show was a little too quick, Mr. Potato and the rest come back out and tell the children there is one final surprise. They announce that Father Christmas is here, and he pops out from the chimney and wishes the children a Merry Christmas. Everyone sings the song again.


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