Aloysius Snuffleupagus, called Snuffy for short, is a character from the television series Sesame Street. He is a Snuffleupagus, a large furry creature resembling a pachyderm, who lives with his parents and sister in a cave just off of Sesame Street. He is best friends with Big Bird. For many years following his introduction in the show's third season in 1971, the adults who lived on Sesame Street never saw Snuffy and mistakenly believed that he was just Big Bird's imaginary friend. This running gag finally came to an end in the premiere episode of the show's seventeenth season in 1985, in which Big Bird finally got the adults to see Snuffy for the first time.

Appearances in Christmas specials

  • Christmas Eve on Sesame Street - Snuffy makes a brief appearance in this special, in which he helps Big Bird with an experiment in trying to find out how Santa Claus is able to come down a chimney. Snuffy, pretending to be Santa, steps inside a barrel, which they pretend is a chimney. Big Bird at first considers the experiment a success, since they now apparently know how Santa gets inside a chimney. However, Snuffy, with his feet now stuck in the barrel, then asks if they know how Santa gets out of the chimney.
  • Elmo Saves Christmas - At the beginning of this special, Snuffy is shown heading off to visit his grandmother in Cincinnati for Christmas, promising to Big Bird that he'll be back right after Christmas. Throughout the special, Big Bird mopes over the fact that Snuffy hasn't returned as a result of Elmo wishing that every day was Christmas. At the end, though, after everything has been restored to normal, Snuffy arrives back on Sesame Street early, telling Big Bird that, instead of having to go visit his grandmother, she came to see him for Christmas.
  • Elmo's World: Happy Holidays!
  • Elmo's Christmas Countdown

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