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The movie is first released on VHS & DVD by Hallmark Home Entertainment, distributed by Artisan's Family Home Entertainment, on October 21, 2003. The DVD version includes special features.
Noimage.png|{{Gallery note|U.S. VHS|Hallmark Home Entertainment<br>{{s|(Through Family Home Entertainment<br>from Artisan Home Entertainment)}}<br>October 21, 2003}}
When Hallmark's entertainment division became Sonar Entertainment, it has been reissued on DVD by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment on July 22, 2014.
Noimage.png|{{Gallery note|U.S. DVD|Hallmark Home Entertainment<br>{{s|(Through F•H•E from Artisan)}}<br>October 21, 2003}}
Noimage.png|{{Gallery note|U.S. DVD|Echo Bridge Home Entertainment<br>July 22, 2014}}

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Mr. St. Nick is a 2002 Christmas comedy-fantasy film starring Kelsey Grammer. It was produced by Hallmark Entertainment and shown on ABC in the United States. It was first broadcast as an episode of ABC's Wonderful World of Disney anthology on November 17, 2002.

It was set mainly in Miami, Florida, United States, even though it was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


King Nicholas XX has been Santa Claus for 100 years and is now preparing to hand over the baton to his, and the Queen's son, Nick St. Nicholas. Nick St. Nicholas is living the high life in Miami and is slightly reluctant to become Santa Claus. Jasper, Nick's butler hires a new cook, Lorena. He then gets enticed into portraying a fictitious Santa Claus for a charity ( by Heidi and Hector. Nick begins to fall in love with Heidi and asks her to marry him, little does he know that Hector and Heidi are transferring the charity's money into their own account in the Cayman Islands.



Kelsey GrammerNick St. Nicholas
Elaine HendrixHeidi Gardelle
Brian BedfordJasper
Ana OrtizLorena
Wallace ShawnMimir
Lupe OntiverosTia Sophia
Colin CunninghamAgent Nardo
Brian MirandaDanny
Luis Esteban GarciaHector Villarba
Katherine HelmondCarlotta
Charles DurningNicholas XX
(Nicholas the 20th)
Veena SoodMrs. Sarathi
Lorena GaleMrs. Lange
Simone ClaridgeLittle Girl
Nicholas SanzLittle Boy
Ray GallettiStage Manager
Armando PastorHimself -
Armando the Cook
Beatrice ZeilingerYelena the Maid
Jillian HubertSecretarial Elf
Jennifer SpenceGate Attendant
Peter KentThug
Paul Aldanée (uncredited)Guest at the Estate party
Shannon Cole (uncredited)Dancer in the Conga line
Johnny Hasselbach (uncrdtd.)Christmas Decorator
Steve Smith (uncredited)Tied-up Policeman
Mario Xavier (uncredited)Salsa Dancer

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