Mrs. Prancer is a supporting character in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie. As her name suggests, she is the wife of Prancer, and also Rudolph, Zoey and Arrow's teacher when they were young. She has brown and cream fur with brown eyes. She also wears glasses and speaks with an English accent.

She is first seen teaching Rudolph, Zoey, Arrow and the other yearling reindeer at their school and is the only one there other than Zoey not to make fun of Rudolph's nose and tries to silence the class and calls for Rudolph to come back when he leaves the school after having enough of the ridicule. Though not shown, it is possible that after Rudolph left the school, Mrs. Prancer scolded Arrow and the students (sans Zoey) for upsetting Rudolph.

She is then seen along with the rest of the villagers watching Santa Claus and his Flyers take off on Christmas Eve.

She is last seen near the end of the film after Rudolph returns with Santa his reindeer after helping them get through Stormella, The Evil Ice Queen's storm.

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