"Ms. Wakefield" is the seventh and final Christmas episode of King of the Hill, aired in the show's ninth season.


Hank, Peggy, and Bobby are decorating for Christmas when suddenly a taxi arrives at their house dropping off an old woman named Ms. Wakefield, revealing she was the previous owner of their house and is proud of the way they took care of the yard and the tree she planted. They invite her inside and she reminisces about her past in the house including how she lived there with her sister who eventually passed away inside the house, she eventually tells them she wants to die inside the house which Hank won't have it so he sends her away.

Later that night, she breaks in while Hank and Peggy are out Christmas shopping, when Hank finds out he's furious and calls the police and has her removed from the property, the next day they receive the news that she died in a bus station that night which makes Hank feel bad and his friends and neighbors chastise him for it, later when they come home they find the door wide open which leads them to believe her ghost is haunting their house so they spit up to find her, eventually Hank finds what appears to be her dead body inside his closet and mourns for her only to discover she's still alive, Hank once again tries to throw her out but his friends and neighbors make him invite her to the Christmas party, later she tries to asphyxiate herself at the party which disturbs everyone at the party, so she decides to stop trying to kill herself and enjoy the party and promises to visit in the future without trying to die in there.


Voice actor Character
Mike Judge Hank Hill
Kathy Najimy Peggy Hill
Pamela Adlon Bobby Hill

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