Mule-Tide Christmas is the 2011 animated movie that is produced theatrically in Spain and made into the English version in 2014 by Result Production & Post, SC, for Phase 4 Films' Kaboom! Entertainment label.


In a beautiful mountain village, Santa and his trusty mule sidekick Napo are preparing for yet another busy holiday season. After hearing a large crash come from Santa's workshop, Napo gallops to the scene, only to find a large mess and an empty cage. When Napo realizes a wicked goblin has escaped and has set out to ruin Christmas, he must giddy-up, saddle up, and save the holidays. Because when it comes to Christmas, there's no housing around.



Voice actor/actressCharacter
Jose ArgoitiaOlentzero
Itziar UrretabizkaiaAnne
Anjel AlkainNapoleón
Kiko JauregiIratxo
Iñaki BeraetxeAlkatea
Arantxa MoñuxMarie
Aintzane GamizAne eta Jone
Marga AltolagirreAlkatetxiki
Josh MitxelenaMedikua
Iñígo EtosegiIxominen aita
Pello ArtetxeJoxe
Judith HuegunMartin
Felipe BarandiaránDon Fernando
Kiara BadíolaAnttoni


All in this version were uncredited.
Voice Director: Shannon Settlemyre

  • Ashley Bril
  • Steve Vernon
  • Steve Rassin
  • David Schifter

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