"Murder in the Family" is the Christmas-themed episode of the CBS drama Diagnosis Murder, produced and aired as the twelveth episode of the series' fourth season.


Mark is pleasantly surprised by a Christmas time visit from his daughter Carol Sloan-Hilton after 8 years… but immediately notices bruises. She tells him she was hit but just wants out of her marriage with truck driver Bruce Hilton, whom Mark never liked, and is taken home where once so protective brother Steve isn't happy with the reunion. Just when Carol leaves, Steve calls Mark, Bruce was just found shot dead, his fat wallet wasn't robbed while the killer(s) clearly ransacked his motel room looking for something, as Carol's home is soon after. LAPD Detective Emma Lopez is officially put on the case in his place, but Steve sleuths on and gets knocked into hospital. Toxic traces suggest the trucking firm, where soon another poison death occurs, is involved in illegal waste dumping and Bruce was a blackmailer.


Actor/actress Character
Dick Van Dyke Dr. Mark Sloan
Victoria Rowell Amanda Bentley-Livingston
Charlie Schlatter Dr. Jesse Travis
Michael Tucci Norman Briggs
Barry Van Dyke Steve Sloan
John Capodice Dan Wolpert
Wanda De Jesus Detective Emma Lopez
Mark Hutter Bruce Hilton
Anne Lockhart Andrea Rivers
Erin Beaux Ricky Williams
Stacy Van Dyke Carol Sloan-Hilton
Billy Kane Vince
Mike Jolly Malcolm


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