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Thomas and Elizabeth at Brendam Docks

"Not So Hasty Puddings" (retitled "Not So Hasty Cakes", or "Thomas and the Avalanche" in America) is the sixth Christmas episode of Thomas & Friends, aired in the show's seventh season.


It is Christmas time on the Island and snow is lying heavy on the ground. When Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry delivers Thomas' snowplough, he refuses to wear it but Elizabeth states that he cannot be reliable without it. Thomas grumbles about how rude Elizabeth was and that his snowplough makes his buffers ache.

When Thomas arrives at Maithwaite, he sees Sir Topham Hatt talking to Elizabeth about the Sodor Pudding Factory being snowed in and that the Christmas Puddings must get to the docks before the ship leaves for the Mainland. Thomas volunteers to do it, but Sir Topham Hatt needs Thomas to work on his branch line, and gives the job to Elizabeth because she is very reliable. Thomas states that he is reliable too, but Elizabeth says that he is not reliable enough, making Thomas cross as Elizabeth leaves.

Thomas arrives at every station on time while Elizabeth is having a hard time driving on the slippery road. Thomas arrives at the Docks to pick up Terence and sees that Elizabeth has not returned, so The Fat Controller orders Thomas to find her. Elizabeth is filled with Christmas puddings and is on her way to the docks, but the slippery roads and the weight of the cargo get her stuck in a snowdrift. Thomas and Terence are stopped by her driver and Terence pulls her out. Thomas helps Elizabeth deliver the puddings just in time and Elizabeth understands that Thomas is a reliable engine.


Michael Brandon's version of the episode was released on the "Mud Glorious Mud" DVD.


Voice actor Characters
Michael Angelis (UK) Narrator
Michael Brandon (US)

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