"Not a Creature Was Staying" is the second Christmas episode of the CBS sitcom One Day at a Time, produced and aired as the ninth episode of its ninth and final season. The title is a reference to the line in "A Visit from St. Nicholas".


Sam secretly arranges with Max to take Ann on a three day Christmas cruise to help cure her of the blues caused by the rest of the family going out of town. But when the family members begin changing their plans to stay home, Sam has a change of plans too.


Bonnie FranklinAnn Royer
Howard HessemanSam Royer
Pat HarringtonDwayne Schneider
Boyd GainesMark Royer
Michael LembeckMax Horvath
Nanette FabrayGrandma Katherine Romano
Valerie BertinelliBarbara Royer
Shelley FabaresFrancine Webster

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