O. Henry's Christmas is a 1996 made for TV Christmas movie that was released in 1996.


Three episodes based on O. Henry's texts. The first deals with the friendship between a painter and two young women. The second, a young man who receives an insignificant amount of his uncle, as an inheritance. The third concerns two people who make it all possible when they give themselves love as Christmas presents.


Casting by Elissa Myers and Mark Techner
Hosted by Anthony Quinn

"The Last Leaf"
Eli WallachBehrman
Roberta WallachJohnsy
Ariana MunkerLaura
John OutlawDavid
Larry ShueDoctor
Lazaro PerezConcierge
"One Thousand Dollars"
Francesco QuinnRobby Gilliam
Lonny PriceJack
Anne HowardMiriam Haydn
Roy PooleTolman
Sydney WalshDiana
Frances FisherWaitress
Roger NeilStreet Musician
Greg Beebe
Debbie Quayle
Dana Lewis
"The Gift of the Magi"
Robby BensonJim
Karla DeVitoDella
Martin BalsamWash
Tracy EllisSusie
Peter Knowlton
Benjamin Siegel
Al Conti
Bob Peckman

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