O Come All Ye Rabbids is the Christmas episode of Rabbids Invasion that debuted on Nickelodeon on December 6, 2014.


It is Christmas time and even though it isn't snowing, all the families are celebrating. We then see the rabbids playing and then strumbling upon a family that is celebrating Christmas. Amazed, they decide to do Christmas traditions as well. However, in order to do this, they must first get all the needed decorations and other stuff for their Christmas tree. First of course, they need the Christmas tree, so they grab a holder for it. Next, they need decorations, so they get various ridiculous objects such as plunger,rackets, toilet paper, prentzel and even living things like starfishes and an octopus for the top . Afterwards, they need to get presents for each other. So they get the first things they see and give it to each other, although they do not like it very much. Soon, however, matters get worse when various animals and many people start stealing and taking all the decorations, with a shop owner taking the holder all together. Causing great sorrow on the rabbid side. However, some of the animals fall on the windshield of a family car, causing the car to crash and it's luggage to fall down to the rabbid's beach. The rabbids then decide to use this as a Christmas tree and it works. Satisfied with the substitutions they got for their Christmas program, the rabbids happily start to sing their own versions of Christmas songs. Ending the episode.

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