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Once Upon a Christmas is a 2000 made-for-TV movie directed by Tibor Takács.


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Kathy Ireland stars as Kristen Claus, Santa's younger daughter, who leaves the North Pole to live with a family who has lost their Christmas spirit since the death of the mother, in an attempt to prove to her father Santa that humanity could change from their naughty ways. The father works all the time, leaving his son and daughter with their uncle who has lost his way in life. Kristen wants to turn their lives around, and show that there is hope for the future of Christmas. Her older sister Rudolfa, named for the reindeer, despises Christmas and schemes to thwart her plans.


Actor Character
John Dye Bill Morgan
Kathy Ireland Kristen Claus
Mary Donnelly-Haskell Rudolfa Claus
Liz Torres The Tooth Fairy
Robin Avery Sandman
Penny Blake Elf #1
Rachelle Carson Harley Jones
Douglas Campbell Santa Claus
André Carthen Principal Marsh
Michael Gilden Dunder
James Kirk Kyle Morgan
Grant Linneberg Coach Zane
Elizabeth Prout Mrs. Morgan
Jennifer Prout Young Brittany
Kirsten Prout Brittany Morgan
Nicole Robert Charlene
Rebecca Toolan Mrs. Claus
Wayne Thomas Yorke Uncle Johnny
Sage Testini Young Kyle Morgan

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