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Our First Christmas is a Hallmark Channel original movie, presented and distributed by RHI Entertainment, and executive produced by Larry Levinson. It premiered on December 19, 2008.


Widower Tom Baer, a school counselor, recently married school coach Cindy Noll, a widow. Their respective offspring gets along fairly well, despite different parenting styles, but as their first Christmas with all step-siblings approaches, each set is desperate to respect their own seasonal traditions, reminiscent of their late parents. Tom's father, retired preacher Joe Noll, and Cindy's mother-in-law (from her deceased husband, Dave), Evie, a businesswoman, each liked by both, hoped to bridge the gap, but when that fails, she returns home alone. Just that gets the kids reconsidering their pouting pact.


Actress/actor(s) Character(s)
Dixie Carter Evie Baer
Julie Warner Cindy Baer-Noll
John Ratzenberger Joe Noll
Steven Eckholdt Tom Baer-Noll
Grace Fulton Lily
Cassi Thomson Tory
Maxim Knight* Jacob
Richard Riehle Santa
Katerina Graham Assistant Bernie
Carly Bondar Mean Girl #1
Lewis Smith Pastor Brown
Lisa Dinahey
Chris LoPrete
Eric Seppala
María Vázquez Barista
Brad Carr (uncredited) Gardener

* - Nominated for the 2009 Young Artist Award for Best Actor in a TV Movie

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