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"Oy to the World" is the second Christmas episode of the CBS sitcom The Nanny, originally aired as the fourteenth episode of the show's third season. In a departure from the regular episodes, it is presented in animation rather than live action. All the main characters provided the voices for their animated counterparts. The animation style resembled that used in the show's regular opening credits.


Brighton is acting very selfishly, and Fran wishes he could learn that Christmas is not about you get but what you give. On their way to help at a homeless shelter a gust of wind whisks Fran, Brighton, and Chester to the North Pole where they meet Santa Claus, who looks a lot like Mr. Sheffield, and learn that he might not make it this year because of an entity called the Amazing Babcock.


  • Fran Drescher - Fran Fine
  • Charles Shaughnessy - Maxwell Sheffield
  • Daniel Davis - Niles
  • Lauren Lane - C.C. Babcock
  • Nicholle Tom - Maggie Sheffield
  • Benjamin Salisbury - Brighton Sheffield
  • Madeline Zima - Grace Sheffield
  • Pamela Hayden - Chester the Dog
  • Maurice LaMarche - The Rain Man/Blitzen


A VHS tape of the episode was released in 1996. It was later included on The Nanny: The Complete Third Season DVD set in 2009. Shout! Factory (under license from Sony Pictures) re-released it on The Nanny: The Complete Series DVD set on May 26, 2015.

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