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Papa's Angels is a 2000 made-for-TV movie starring Scott Bakula and Cynthia Nixon. It was based on a book by Collin Wilcox Paxton and Gary Carden, and was directed by Dwight H. Little.


When his wife, Sharon, dies, Grins Jenkins is devastated and can't even pull himself together for the sake of their four children. When Christmas comes, he forbids them to celebrate or decorate the house as they usually do. But they do so anyway, hoping that he will come around.


Actor Character
Scott Bakula Grins Jenkins
Cynthia Nixon Sharon Jenkins
Brandon James Olson John Neal Jenkins
Kimberley Warnat Becca Jenkins
Jenny Lynn Hutcheson Hannah Rose Jenkins
Lachlan Murdoch Alvin Jenkins
Eva Marie Saint Dori "Grammy" Jenkins
Kirsten Bishop Jessica
Shane Meier Jimmy Lee
Pamela Johnson Ethel
Marty Antonini Reggie
Terry King Cobb Webb
Tim Koetting Ludlow Sr.
Sean Easton Ludlow Jr.
Tom Heaton Reverend Boggs
Valerie Ann Pearson Reverend Boggs' wife
Greg Farkas Male Dancer
Jeny Cassady Female Dancer

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