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Penny is one of the main characters from the animated television series Inspector Gadget, and as such, one of the main characters in Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas. Penny is Gadget's know-it-all niece and the one who really stops Dr. Claw's evil schemes. She uses many high tech devices to help her secretly solve the cases and stop the bad guys such as; a computer book, a video watch, a laptop, and a holographic tablet. However, her meddling often leads to her getting captured by the bad guys, which leaves Brain to rescue her. She is 10 in the original series and 12 in the Gadget and the Gadgetinis and 15 in the reboot series. Penny loves her uncle more than anything, which is why she is always ready to help him behind his back, but on a few occasions she gets annoyed by his stupidity.

Appearances in Christmas specials

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