Perfect Christmas is a song from the special Arthur's Perfect Christmas. It is also the first track on the special's soundtrack album.

The song opens to the traditional majestic strains of Pachelbel's Canon, played by Arthur on piano, as he speaks on how he wants the upcoming Christmas to be perfect. As he finishes speaking, the music transitions to an upbeat, lively tune. In the tune, Arthur sings about the things that he would and wouldn't have in his ideal Christmas.

The song is reprised at the end of the special, and also at the end of the album. Both it and its reprise were written by Ken Scarborough.


Arthur: "Ah, Christmas. Only three more days until the big day. And this one's gonna be the best one ever."

"Christmas will be magical, just like in a fairy tale I want so much snow that I'll use my toes To pick up the morning mail!" "Dinner will be delicious Turkey and candied yams!"

David: "Stuffing a mile high"

Jane: "Seventeen types of pie"

Grandma Thora: "Do you want some more?"

Arthur: "Yes, ma'am!"

"Our tree will shine so brightly Our tree will be eight feet tall Popcorn strung diagonally Candy canes and silver balls!"

"Here's a saying worth obeying Please take out a pad and pencil Nothing is more of an eyesore Than the excessive use of tinsel!"

D.W.: "What, no tinsel?"

Arthur: "Not on this tree!"

D.W.: "But I want tinsel!"

Arthur: "Well, you can have all the tinsel you like! When you are as old as me"

D.W.: "Is that a guarantee?"

Arthur: "Christmas will be special It'll be magnificent Everyone's gonna to state--"

Read Family (Pal): "Arthur, we think you're great!" (Howls)

Arthur: "When they open up my presents Yes, this Christmas I suspect, will be perfect in all respects This Christmas will be the best Christmas yet."



Arthur: "Snowflakes falling real slowly Everything looks so pretty The day's almost done I wonder what everyone's doing in Elwood City."

"Sometimes the thing you hope for Isn't the thing you get But after today, I just have to say This was the best Christmas yet."


Arthur: "Well, nothing turned out like I expected this Christmas, but you know what? I'm glad. It was better than I could have ever imagined. To you, your family, and friends, may all your holidays be perfect."

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