Phil and Lil DeVille are twins. Not only do they look almost exactly alike (except for Lil's hair ribbon), they think alike too. When one of them starts a sentence, the other finishes it. But like all brothers and sisters, Phil and Lil can get into some pretty cranky arguments. But when the twins are getting along, they really pull the Rugrats together as a team. They can even convince Chuckie to join in Tommy's adventures!



Phil is all about mud, worms, boogies, and pretty much anything gross. If he isn't playing in the mud with his twin sister Lil, or searching for delicious bugs, he's off on an adventure with Tommy and the gang. Phil is fearless and always ready for long as he doesn't get distracted by something icky.


Lil loves hanging out with her twin brother, Phil. Whether they're digging for worms or looking for Reptar, the twins are pretty much inseparable. Like Phil, Lil is always up for one of Tommy's adventures, whether that means wandering through Playland or just playing in the backyard. And when it comes to all things icky, Lil's fearless-she'll dive into a mess head first.

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