Phil and Lil in AGU

Phil and Lil in "The Finster Who Stole Christmas".

Phillip and Lillian DeVille are a pair of twins from the Nickelodeon animated television series Rugrats and its spin-off All Grown Up! Frequently joining Tommy Pickles on his adventures, Phil and Lil were near-identical in the original series, to the point that even their parents had a tendency to mistake one for the other. Also, they were often seen eating bugs and worms. Like all brothers and sisters, Phil and Lil get into pretty cranky arguments, which often result in them addressing each other by their full names, but when they get along, they really pull the Rugrats together as a team. When the spin-off series All Grown Up! (which takes place ten years after Rugrats) came out, the twins evolved into two distinctly different characters; while Phil still enjoys repulsive objects, while Lil has taken an interest in sports, particularly soccer.

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