Phineas Flynn is one of the main characters from the Disney Channel animated series Phineas and Ferb. He is an optimistic daydreamer who is always building immensely large inventions and activities with his stepbrother, Ferb Fletcher.

Appearances in Christmas specials


Chronologically, Phineas' first Christmas production is the series' second Christmas episode, "A Phineas and Ferb Family Christmas". In it, he and Ferb, host a family-oriented Christmas special, titled The 12th Annual Phineas and Ferb Christmas Special, on television in the middle of summer. While introducing each of the guests and the musical numbers on their show, Phineas expresses concern over the fact that their pet platypus, Perry, has not yet returned to celebrate Christmas with them (even though he is well aware that it is not actually Christmas). Eventually, after finding Perry in one of the gift boxes (having been transported there after being zapped by Dr. Doofenshmirtz's Transportinator), Phineas and the rest of the cast then sing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".

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In Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation! (which was made before "A Phineas and Ferb Family Christmas" but takes place later in chronological order), Phineas explains that he finds Santa Claus to be one of his biggest personal heroes, since the guy goes around delivering presents in one night and never asking for anything in return, so he and Ferb decide to give thanks to Santa. They recruit everyone in Danville to start decorating the city as a big thank-you card to Santa. When he finds out that Santa has seemingly been misled to believe that Danville is naughty (as a result of Dr. Doofenshmirtz firing up his Naughtyinator), his older sister Candace shames him into believing it's his own fault because he and Ferb kept getting everyone involved in their big idea that she always failed to bust them for.

After some moping over that, Phineas decides that he can't accept the idea of his hometown being naughty, and gathers the citizens to broadcast a song to the North Pole about how nice they truly are. Two of Santa's elves, Blay'n and Clewn't, arrive after hearing the song. Although the dilemma of the city being deemed naughty is solved at that point (as, at that moment, the Naughtyinator gets destroyed), Phineas and his friends are told by the elves that Santa has already taken off in his sleigh and won't be coming. However, Phineas decides that he and his friends shall deliver everyone's presents themselves, using the sleigh the elves came in. After taking care of delivering all of Danville's presents, Phineas and his friends arrive home to find Santa Claus using the rest stop that he and Ferb built for him earlier. Santa reads the letter Phineas wrote to him, in which all the boy requested was to be like Santa.

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