"Pictures" is the Christmas-themed episode of the ABC drama Once and Again, produced and aired as the tenth episode of its third and final season.


Amid complete chaos, a surprise Christmas Eve delivery of Tiffany and Jake's baby unites the Manning and Sammler families like never before. Meanwhile, Judy's first encounter with Sam's eleven-year-old doesn't go very smoothly.


Sela WardLily Manning
Billy CampbellRick Sammler
Jeffrey NordlingJake Manning
Susanna ThompsonKaren Sammler
Shane WestEli Sammler
Julia WhelanGrace Manning
Evan Rachel WoodJessie Sammler
Meredith DeaneZoe Manning
Marin HinkleJudy Brooks
Jason CarmichaelDriver
Rosalind ChaoTami Seitz
Paul DooleyLes Cresswell
Jacob SmithJamie Blue
Steven WeberSam Blue
Danielle WolfEdith

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