Pingu Saves Christmas is the twelfth episode of Pingu in the City and also its Christmas Special.


It's Christmas Eve, Pingu, Pinga, and Father are putting up Christmas decorations on a tree outside their house. After Pinga puts the star on the tree, Pingu hears a noise. The Inventor's helicopter sledge has broken down and he walks away crying. Pingu walks back inside the igloo to see the house filled with decorations and they all sit down to a fish dinner before bedtime.

That night, Robby is on an iceberg eating a fish, when he witnesses a bag of presents fall to the ground and he goes to investigate. Before Pingu is going to bed he spots the same bag and goes outside to find the bag moving. Then Robby pops up they both open the bag and see a ton of Christmas presents. They look around the neighbourhood and realise that Santa may have dropped the bag. Pingu spins and dons a Santa hat. Realising that the inventor has decorated his helicopter sledge to look like Santa's sleigh, Pingu puts the present bag on the sleighcopter and they push it along to bring the presents round all the houses.

They finish up back outside Pingu's house and Pingu gives the final present to Robby much to his joy. Then he goes to bed and puts the Santa hat on his bed side table. Robby takes his present home when he hears sleigh bells and "HO HO HO!". For his kindness that night, a bunch of presents magically appear under Pingu's Christmas tree while he sleeps on.

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