Pistachio is the male Earth pony, the former farmer of Sweet Apple Acres, from the 2019 special My Little Pony: Best Gift Ever.


All his life, Pistachio lived with his mother and father in the middle of "Nowhere", Equestria. Though his parents were very loving towards him, he felt out of place where he lived and aspired to do more. It was implied his parents also knew he felt out of place and lost, as they were beaming with pride and joy once they realized he had found his true destiny. Upon receiving the Fedora Felt original hat, Pistachio awakened to his calling, to be a fashion designer.

Even before realizing his passion, Pistachio seemed to idolize Rarity, considering her the among the most famous ponies in Equestria, much to her embarrassment. After meeting Rarity, Pistachio and the white mare quickly became good friends with Rarity almost taking Pistachio under her wing, inviting him to be her guest at the Fashion Week event in Manehattan.

On Hearths Warming, his parents made him a hat with acorns as a sign of their love for him, and together the family grew even closer.


Pistachio was shown to be very kind, friendly and appreciative. Even though he felt like he didn't belong on his farms, he was a loving son who was grateful to have such caring parents. Upon realizing his call, Pistachio grew invested in the world of fashion almost instantly and befriended Rarity in the process. He and Rarity became good friends fast, with Rarity becoming a mentor figure to the young designer.

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