Plucky Duck is a character from the Warner Bros. animated television series Tiny Toon Adventures. He is a young green duck whose personality is much like that of his Looney Tunes counterpart, Daffy Duck. Like his mentor, Plucky often engages in various schemes with the goal of either personal glory or satisfying some personal whim. But these schemes often fail because his ego and personality traits get in the way or because a guilty conscience gets the better of him.

Plucky's only appearance in a Christmas special was, of course, the episode "It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special". When Buster Bunny is in charge of directing the Tiny Toons holiday special, Plucky is repeatedly informed that the scripts are being changed and the roles he's supposed to play are instead being given to Steve Urkel. Then, when Plucky and William Shatner rehearse their performance of "The Little Drummer Boy", their microphones explode due to Montana Max having replaced them with dynamite. Plucky and the others take on their frustration on Buster. After Buster leaves to go throw himself out of the picture, his friends begin praying to the heavens on Buster's behalf; Plucky seems to be an exception to this, but after he looks outside the window to see if no one is looking, he starts praying for Buster's sake, saying that "otherwise, Tiny Toons will be cancelled and I'll have to work on some chipmunk show!"

In the alternate reality shown to Buster by his guardian toon angel, Harvey (actually a disguised Bugs Bunny), it is revealed that if Buster had never been on Tiny Toon Adventures, Plucky would have instead been the main character, resulting in the show being a vanity project for him where he mistreats his costars. When Buster storms the set of the show upon seeing the way his girlfriend Babs Bunny is being treated in this alternate universe, Alternate Plucky has him thrown out, thinking that he is a spy from Disney.

When Buster is brought back to his original world, Plucky is shown complaining about the changes Max has made to the holiday special, among them a segment where Plucky has to read a poem about banking. After getting trampled by several of the other cast members rushing in after hearing that Buster has returned, Plucky can be seen rejoicing about Buster being rehired as the special's director.

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