Pluto is a cartoon character created in 1930 by Walt Disney Productions, originating as one of two hounds in the Mickey Mouse cartoon The Chain Gang. He is a light brown (or orange-yellow in newer cartoons), medium-sized, short-haired dog who is Mickey's faithful pet. Unlike Goofy, he is not anthropomorphic beyond some characteristics such as facial expression.

Appearances in Christmas specials

Theatrical shorts

  • Mickey's Orphans
  • Mickey's Good Deed - In this 1932 short, Pluto and Mickey are poor street performers. A bratty rich kid wants Pluto as his pet, but Mickey refuses to sell his beloved dog. However, Mickey eventually reluctantly agrees to the deal in order to buy toys and food for a family of cats who are even poorer than he is. Pluto is treated very badly by his new owner, who throws food and kitchen utensils at him. Finally, the kid's father decides he has had enough of this and has his butler throw Pluto out of the house. Pluto then goes looking for Mickey, and the two are eventually reunited.
  • Pluto's Christmas Tree - While helping Mickey look for a Christmas tree, Pluto starts chasing after Chip and Dale, who hide in the tree that Mickey ends up taking home. Shortly after Mickey finishes decorating the tree, Pluto finds that Chip and Dale are hiding inside it and continually tries to catch them and show them to Mickey, but to no avail. His efforts to reveal the chipmunks to Mickey eventually result in the tree getting destroyed.

Television specials and episodes

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Direct-to-video films

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