"The Poem from 'The Book of Santa Claus'" is the uncredited song-recital from the 2004 animated DtV feature In Search of Santa. It is recited by Princesses Crystal & Lucinda (Hilary & Haylie Duff), along with Pup (Lee Tockar), while visualizing Santa's City in the North Pole, guarding by the magic, invisible wall.


[Nighttime (December 23rd/24th), in the very far top of North Pole, Princesses Crystal & Lucinda, along with Pup the Seal, is walking on the snow, as they following the direction of Max Elfman's Flying Pig.]

Princess Crystal:
I can't see them anywhere.

Princess Lucinda:
But how could they just vanish?

[Whimpering while sniffing, until he bumps against the invisible wall.]
[Whimpers as he rubs his nose]

What is it, Pup?
[Pups looks at the invisible wall]
Pup found it.

Found what?

An invisible wall.

Yeah, right.
[Scroffs off, until she bumps the wall, falling down. She gets back up, shaking her face.]

[Walks toward the wall and taps twice which echos itself]
Lucy, we're here. We've arrived.

[Stands up, very briefly shakes her face and opens her eyes]
I don't see anything.

[Pup looks at Lucy, followed by Crystal]

(O.S.) The walls of Santa
(Eyes closed) City…
(Opens eyes) …are only visible to true believers.

How am I supposed to believe
in something I can't see?

Some things must be seen with the heart.

Oh! "With the heart" again?

Lucy, you must believe, or we'll never get inside.

I… I want to believe.

Close your eyes

[The music begins as Crystal, Lucy and Pup closes their eyes as the shot goes 360° around them, while they are reciting]

Crystal: (Continues)
…and visualize.

Crystal: In a Arctic light
stands a marvelous sight,
a city that glitters and glows.
Lucy: Even the trees?
Crystal: Oh, when it snows!

Inside, you'll find many little elves
humming to themselves,
loading up their selves
Lucy: With toys?

Crystal: And peppermint trees
with chocolate leaves
lining every street.
Lollipop flowers.
Lucy: Candy-striped towers?
Crystal: And all the sweets you can eat.

Lucy: And the chairman in charge…
Crystal: …is jolly and large.

Santa! Santa Claus!
[A brick appears in the wall]

[Another brick appears]

I see it! I see it!
[Some more bricks appear as she laughs]
It's marvelous! It's… It's magical.
It's… (Laughs as more brick appear randomly in a rapid pace until it covers themselves up)

Don't stop now.
[The Princesses gasp and Pup barks as the light bar reveal the rest of the invisible wall which became the gate to Santa City]
Lucy! You've done it.

(Takes a couple steps back)
I can hardly believe it.
[The parts of the gate simply disappear]
I said "hardly".
[The gate's parts simply appear again]

[Pup barks as the Princesses starts jumping with joy]

Crystal & Lucinda:
We're here! We're here! We're here! We're here!
(Laughing) We're here! We're really here!
We're here!
[Pup barks]

Max Elfman:
[Comes in from the gates with his pig behind inside]
Right this way, please.

[The scene fades]

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