Postman Pat's Magic Christmas is a special half hour Christmas episode of Postman Pat, which was first broadcast on Christmas Eve 2004.


It is Christmas Eve and Pat is going to be Santa Claus at the party tonight. While Pat is keeping this a secret, Julian is hoping that Santa brings him a blanket of snow for Christmas. Pat has a lot of post to deliver before Christmas, but with the help of a white bearded traveler, work is soon done. Then Pat's van soon gets stuck in the mud and he has to dig it out. The traveler lends Pat his spare boots for when they sand the road. By the time the van is free and his passenger has been dropped off, it is very late indeed. When arrives at the party, he is surprised to hear that Santa Claus has already been and gone. Seeing the boots that he forgot to give back to his helper, the grown-ups think that Pat was the Santa Claus they saw, which makes him even more puzzled.

It is so late after the party that Julian falls asleep in the van on the way home; he does not even wake when Pat puts him to bed and Sara leaves a piece of her Christmas cake by the fire place for Santa. When Julian does finally wake up, he is awoken by the ringing of bells and the tramping of hooves. He creeps quietly down stairs to investigate and is amazed to see Santa Claus placing presents under the Christmas tree. Pat and Sara join Julian, Pat is most surprised when he is told that the boots he borrowed are his Christmas present and Santa congratulates Sara on the piece of cake left for him. Santa tells Julian there is an extra present for him outside and he disappears right under their noses. The family rush outside and Julian is delighted to see that his biggest Christmas wish that year has come true after all.

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