Prancer Returns is the 2001 direct-to-video sequel to the 1989 film Prancer.


Preteen brothers from a broken marriage live with their mother, Denise, in a rural town. Ryan, the cheeky eldest, wants to go live with their father, Matt, in Chicago. This confuses shy Charlie, the youngest, who is also the butt of bigger school kids' often mean pranks. Then he finds two reindeer on his way home from school which he believes to be Prancer and his son and heir, also called Prancer, which he tries to hide at home. Ryan's help bonds him and Charlie again. Alas when Prancer gets out, evil vice principal James Klock is bitten and wants the "public danger" put down. Charlie runs away with his protege. Denise is useless, but her ex-boyfriend, handyman Tom Sullivan, comes to Charlie's rescue.

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Actor/actress Character
John Corbett Tom Sullivan
Stacy Edwards Denise Holton
Michael O'Keefe Mr. James Klock
Jack Palance Old Man Richards
Robert Clark Ryan Holton
Gavin Fink Charlie Holton
Hayley Lochner Jamie
Jonathan Malen Scott
Richard Banel Horace
J.C. Kenny Charlotte Purcell (Channel 9 News)
Reg Dreger Three Oaks' mayor
Jonathon Walker Kyle (Animal control)
Fionnuala Jamison Mr. Klock's secretary
Boyd Banks Charlie's teacher
Stephanie Sams Kid
Declan O'Reilly School security guard
Chuck Byrn Animal control officer
Bill Lynn Town Hall man
Lisa Messinger Tall thin woman
Gerry Quigley Sheriff
Andrew Martin Deputy
Doe (Reindeer)
Darren Knaus (voice; uncredited)

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