You can have some fun now if you like.
After all, it is Christmas.
And we can't have Christmas without snow!

Father Christmas

"Pranks & Presents" is a Christmas episode of CITV's 2011 incarnation of Sooty. Since it is the second Christmas episode, along with the other one, since 2001, it was produced in Summer 2013 and aired for the 2013 Christmas season as the twenty-sixth and final episode of its second season.


When the hook-a-duck stall runs out of prizes, Sooty hopes his teddy bear machine can solve all of their problems. But he gets a little extra help from a very special friend



Richard Cadell (Presenter)Himself
Brian Sandford (Puppeteer)
Joolz Clough (Puppeteer)
Martin Rose (Puppeteer)
Brian Blessed (Guest)Father Christmas

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