Princess Peach (formerly called Princess Toadstool in the United States prior to 1996) is a major character from the Super Mario Bros. video game series and related media. She is the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom who is frequently getting kidnapped, usually by Bowser Koopa, but is always rescued by Mario (and sometimes Luigi as well). She is Mario's official love interest in the games and is a playable character in every Mario spin-off game.

Appearances in Christmas specials

In "Koopa Klaus", the Christmas episode of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!'s animated segments, Peach, along with the Mario Bros., plans to take a vacation in Hawaiiland, but Toad instead guides them to the North Pole. Since it is Christmas Eve, Peach decides to give Toad an early Christmas present - a snowboard. After Bowser drops Bob-ombs on the group, Peach expresses disappointment when Toad selfishly shows more concern for his snowboard than his friends. After the group rescues Santa Claus from Bowser, Peach tells Toad that Santa will not be able to give anyone presents due to his workshop being frozen; this prompts Toad into giving his snowboard to Santa.

In the Super Mario World Christmas episode, "The Night Before Cave Christmas", Peach points out to Mario that the citizens of Dome City have been acting rather grouchy and suggests he try to get them to act nicer to each other. Later, she is shown putting candy canes on a tree and telling Yoshi not to eat them because Santa only brings presents to good children. After Bowser steals the toys Mario was planning to give to all the cave-kids, Peach figures out that Bowser stole them when she finds one of his scales on the ground.

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