Project: Puppies for Christmas is the 2019 Christmas movie that premiered directly-to-digital media on May 14, 2019.


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Two young girls attempt to bring Christmas joy to a cranky old man so Santa will bring them puppies for their good deed.


Title Written by Performed by
"Warm My Soul" Mason James
Charidy Wronski
Alexa Borden
Alexa Borden
"2 Souls" Mason James
Charidy Wronski
"Christmas Time Again" Mason James
"Show Me What I've Lost" Alexa Borden
Mason James


Actor/actress Character(s)
John Ratzenberger Daniel Nilwater
David Goryl John Fields
Morgan Bastin Peyton Fields
Piper Sher Alex
Basil Hoffman Fred
Sharon Garrison Nana
Charidy Wronski Cara
Danni Tamburro Olivia
McKenna Roberts Cheyenne
Dan Owens Pastor Nelson
Frank Parrillo Will Hayes
Ryla Wronski Jessica Keller
Penny Wilson Moira
Steve Dressler Rick
David Vogel Ben
Judy Thomas Samantha
Lyndsey Rae Janice Lane
Douglas Pritchard Man with White Beard
Jeff Jay Diner
James Sjurson Diner's pal
Dee Cutrone Opal Jenkins
Trisha Schumann Hilda
Charlene Sher Martha
Ernell Manabat Sigmund
Anthony Burkhalter David Keller
Lee Beffort Al Jackson
Jessica Warning Brie
Jesse Lucero Davey
Shae Wilson Monica
Raf Adame Restaurant Patron
Steve Allgeier Norky (Peneagle)
Nerissa Tedesco Tilly (Homeless; Bag lady)
Foster Boom Homeless Woman
Jeremy Parrillo Homeless Man
Didier Cambria Doctor
Cory A Santos Dr. Ashton
Luca Ciambra Timmy
Laura Collins Mrs. Gregory
Franklin English Elderly Gentleman
Julie Garcia Briceno Waitress
Karen Gunderson
Jean Sulli
Annette Obodai
John Hanks Santa Claus
Joseph Huebner Kurt Nicks
Mason James (voice) God
Ashley Keefe Older Sister
Lindsey Keefe Younger Sister
Anastasia Lutz Christine
Alex MacDonald Dogcatcher
Stephanie McGerty Partygoer
Mickey Mickay Zorrace
Eryn Pablico Cindy
Alex Parrillo James
Jasmine Parrillo Judy
Olivia J Santos Sofia Cruz
Shiloh (Dog) Bandit
Laurence Sobel Choir Pianist
Carolyn Wood Choir Director
Elena Brincat Misty
Aubrey Sparks Chloe
Eric Sparks Abel Davis
Eric B. Sparks Billy
Kevon Stover Keith Stiles
Colton Ventura Aaron
Will Whitesell Dennis

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