Puppy Star Christmas is a Christmas movie, presented and produced by Air Bud Entertainment, that premiered on Netflix on November 20, 2018. It has been nominated for the 2019 Leo Awards for Best Sound & Best VFX in a movie.


From the press release:

From the world of Pup Star, and the creators of Air Bud and Air Buddies, comes a new holiday treat for the whole family, Puppy Star Christmas! The family just got bigger, as newlyweds, Tiny and P.U.P, are spending their 1st Christmas with their new pups: CINDY, ROSIE, CHARLIE, and BRODY. Unfortunately, the pups are more interested in getting gifts than enjoying a holiday with their family. To show what Christmas means to them, Tiny & P.U.P plan a ‘Pup Star Christmas Special’, showcasing their new family, pup-tastic songs and a magical appearance of Santa & his reindeer!

But, little do they know, Bark and his mean team of Kano, Roland & Julio, have a new scheme to disrupt Pup Star and steal Christmas. They hijack Santa & the North Pole for their own personal gain. With Roland acting as the new Santa, and Bark forcing people to pay for Santa's good will, the holiday spirit is at an all-time low. When the pups find themselves in the North Pole, it's up to them to save not only the Pup Star special, but the Christmas spirit itself and discover the true meaning of the holiday. PUPPY STAR CHRISTMAS is a fun, grand musical adventure, filled with singing pups, new songs, and a story filled with cheer and surprises!


Original songs written by Randy Patterson and published by Air Bud Music.

  1. "Let There Be Love"
  2. "Santa's Got a Brand New Jam"
  3. "That's What Christmas Means to Me"
  4. "Best Christmas Ever"
  5. "Worst Christmas Ever"
  6. "Santa's Christmas Message"
  7. "Let's Make Every Day Like Christmas"


Diedrich BaderKano
Oakley BullCindy
Tyreese BurnettDog Gnarly
Chloe ColemanCharlie
Reggie De LeonShep
David DeLuiseSteven
Jorge DiazJulio
Dillon FontanaBrody
Jeremy HowardMagic
Brian HullBlitzen
Kuno InghramBrody
Denise JonesOrphanage Matron
Ken LawsonHairy Levin
Tyler Layton-OlsonDancer
Kaitlyn MaherTiny
Makenzie MossLou
George NewbernBark
Nic NovickiElon
Denisse OjedaIda
Randy Petersen (voice)Shampoo
Piers RaeDMZ Reporter
Jed ReesRoland
Richard RiehleSanta Claus
Vivienne RutherfordRosie
Mackenzie SolP.U.P.
Betsy StoverLady Paw Paw
Brenden Sunderland
Michael TeigenTelanovella Director
Danny WoodburnEli

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