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"Puppyhood" is a villain song from An All Dogs Christmas Carol, sung by Carface about what it was like when he was a puppy living with the family of Bobby Parker and how he became a hoodlum. When Itchy, as the Ghost of Christmas Past, shows him his puppyhood, and how he eventually got thrown out by his human family for his rascally behaviour.


Carface: When the lights go out, I dream about my puppyhood
And this pint-sized mug who took me in one day.
Oh, sure, I broke a rule or two,
The same as any puppy would,
But in his crazy dreams, I still can hear him say,

"He didn't mean to do it." Carface.
"I guess ya kinda blew it, Carface.
But I'm gonna see ya through it all
'Cause you're may pal."

(spoken) I gotta admit...

Yeah, we was tight.
That squirt was all right.
We used to trash the joint from 6am to midnight.

Play tag and all them indoor sports,
like tug-of-war with boxer shorts.
Had what you'd call a regular ball, and Christmas was funnest of all.

Boxes of steaks, plum pudding and cakes.
Hey, who knew teddy bear insides looked just like snowflakes?
But then too many hours had passed, I had to make a pit stop fast!
I couldn't see, unfortunately, no powder room under the tree!


When you're double-crossed it's like you lost your puppyhood.
If he'd copped a plea we would've been okay.
I swear I must've held it twice as long, As any puppy could!
And when that dame yelled, "Scram!" I hoped the kid would say...

"You didn't mean to do it Carface.
I guess you kind of blew it Carface.
But I'm gonna see you through it all, cause you're my pal."

Itchy (Ghost of Christmas Past): (spoken) But he didn't say it, did he? Aww man!

Carface: (spoken) Nah, the kid blamed it all on me!
So I stopped being a good little pup,
and turned into a hood!
Yadda yadda yadda!

He was a sweetie pie who turned into a, PUPPY HOOD!

(spoken) Anyways, nowadays,

Talk about pals, I got me a pack!
The meanest mutts who ever threw a game of, Black Jack!
We hit the dumpsters then the dumps! Kicked chihuahuas! Puny runts!
At night I snooze, Wherever I choose! Ain't no way on Earth I can lose!

But when the lights go out I dream about, My puppyhood.
And in these crazy dreams I never, Hear him say…

(spoken) You didn't mean to do it, Carface. I guess you kind of blew it,

Carface. But I'm gonna see you… through it all, cause your my… pal.

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