Que bonita Navidad (El Chavo Animado)

Que bonita Navidad is the Christmas episode of the Mexican animated series El Chavo Animado.


Everyone in the neighborhood has a Christmas season again, but there are no ornaments to decorate, so El Chavo needs money but he is lost and some tramps give him things but nobody believes them. The adults starts to tell Chavo things after he erroneously lost money for the race. The children (even Paty) began to tell Chavo "liar" and torment him, but after a while they contradict themselves to knowing they were not. The Christmas special was considered the worst of the whole series; because the Chavo was treated very unfairly as it happened in Wanted Chavo's date Chavo and the Wolf The Value of Friendship and The Secret Masked Crusader where they torment the Chavo in a very exaggerated way . From that point, everyone argued that this Christmas special was considered the worst of all unlike Christmas Present t I and II. A good point was that Mr. Beliarge is the only one who does not insult Chavo for his mistake.

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