Queen Vorkana is the leader of the Nargathrons and the main antagonist of the 2007 Robbie the Reindeer film Close Encounters of the Herd Kind.

Vorkana travels to Earth along with her soldiers to search for The Nargathron Crystal which is in Robbie's possession which she wants to destroy Earth like every other planet she has encountered. Arriving on Earth, she demands to know where Robbie is before taking his fiancée Donner hostage.

Robbie arrives on the Nargathron ship to save Donner but imprisoned and is hypnotised by Vorkana into revealing where the crystal is and ends up drawing a picture of him giving the crystal to his friend and best man Prancer. Vorkana then sends her soldiers to Earth where they hold the reindeer hostage and send the crystal to Vorkana who puts it into her computer and sets a countdown to the destruction of Earth.

Robbie and Donner are able to trick a Nargathron soldier into freeing them before Robbie sends Donner back to Earth whilst he stays behind to stop the countdown but is confronted by Vorkana. Luckily Robbie uses his nose jump ability to reach the ship's control panel and teleports Vorkana to Earth where she gets a punch in the face by Donner's sister Em before she and her soldiers are arrested by the Earth Guardians.

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