"Rabbid Santa" is the second Christmas episode of Rabbids Invasion.


The episode begins in the Rabbids' junkyard, where one of the Rabbids becomes fascinated with a christmas card featuring Santa Claus delivering gifts in his sleigh. The Rabbid decides to imitate him by dressing himself as Santa and his friends as reindeer. They resume to mount their sleigh and even attempt to launch it out of a ramp, but instead ends up crashing down. The Rabbid Santa later decides to use Lapinibernatus' Time Traveling Television to travel to the North Pole. Once there, they end up colliding with an innocent bystander who was on his way to deliver christmas gifts. Unknowingly, however, the Santa Rabbid unwraps a present containing a plastic doll meant to be delivered to a little girl named Alice, who had asked Santa to bring her one.

Horrified, Santa Rabbid orders his troops to put the doll back in its box so they can deliver it to Alice. On the way back, the Rabbids also deliver gifts to random humans, such as Zak and Deputy Garett, who later begins to chase them in his squad car. The Rabbids eventually arrive at Alice's community, but the box containing her doll is run over by a car, which saddens the Rabbids. Meanwhile, Alice is busy writing another letter to Santa, asking him for a pet instead of a doll. In that exact moment, the Rabbids come crashing down Alice's chimney, and she ends up confusing them for Santa and his reindeer. Santa Rabbid then gives Alice the box, but when she opens it, it is revealed to be a chicken with the head of the doll. Alice becomes flattered by the gift, satisfying the Rabbids. Thus, they return home to their junkyard. Alice decides to show her new dolly to her mother, which horrifies her.


Voice actor Character
Damien Laquet The Rabbids
David Gasman Zak


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