"Race to Save Christmas" is the Christmas episode of Power Rangers Dino Charge, originally aired on Nickelodeon on December 5, 2015.


Santa is hosting children in an outdoor gondola, finding out what they want for Christmas when Poisandra and Curio push their way through the line. Poisandra takes a seat on Santa's lap and reveals her rather long list to Santa. Santa has one of his elves check his computer station, which shows some clips of her being evil and declares her naughty. Incensed at the news that she won't get any presents, she calls in Wrench and some Vivix to steal the computer.

At the cafe, the Rangers and Kendall have just finished a Christmas Eve dinner, when Chase arrives. Kendall tells him his flight is soon, but he wanted to give the Rangers their presents. But before they can open them, their Dino Coms ring. It's obviously not Kendall, so they answer them to receive an emergency call from Santa, alerting them to the stolen computer. Without it, Santa says, he cannot determine which kids are naughty and nice, so Christmas would be canceled. The Rangers run to start the search, with Chase nervous that he could miss his flight.

At Chase's home in New Zealand, the news breaks on TV that Santa's computer has been stolen and Christmas could be canceled. Chase's sister Chloe tells her mother that she's not worried about presents from Santa because she's getting the only thing she wants; her brother to come home and visit.

Wrench and Poisandra take the computer to a nearby train yard, where Wrench is told he's naughty as well. Poisandra hits on the idea of watching the Rangers' clips and getting a clue to where their secret base is, so they could go and take the Energems. Meanwhile, the Rangers are hunting them down, Koda leading with his ability to smell things in the air before just seeing Curio standing guard. The villains nearly see the base's entrance during Tyler's clips, but the Rangers arrive and they hide.

The Rangers chase them outside, where the villains retreat and leave a single Spikeball to face the Rangers. Tyler destroys it with the Dino Blade Blaster Final Strike. "Santa Sledge" fires the Magna Beam, and the Rangers summon their zords. At first, they use Dino Charge Megazord Tri-Ankylo Formation but then return to Tri-Stego Formation, as Ivan requests the Ankylo Zord, forming Ptera Charge Megazord Ankylo Formation for the first time. Ivan uses the Hammer Punch, and the Dino Charge Megazord uses Stego Sword Final Slash to finish the Spikeball.

However, it's too late for Chase to make his flight home. In New Zealand, Chase's Mom informs Chloe of this, with a frustrated Chloe knowing Chase's common excuse, "he has to work."

In the Dino Lab, Chase is devastated that he cannot make it home for Christmas as he promised. However, Santa slides down into the lab, thanking the Rangers for getting the computer back and saving Christmas. He also informs Chase that New Zealand is his last stop and asks if he wants a ride. Chase joyously accepts, and as the two leave, Tyler realizes they never opened his gift. They do so and realize that they are seven pieces (the 5 other Rangers, Keeper, and Kendall) of a photo puzzle, forming a picture of them all that says MERRY CHRISTMAS.

In New Zealand, Chase enters his home and hugs a delighted Chloe. He thanks Santa as he sees his sleigh flying past the Moon out the window.

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