Randolph the Raccoon is a raccoon and a mushroom harvester on 64 Zoo Lane.

Appearances in Christmas specials

In "The Story of the Best Christmas Tree Ever", Randolph tells the other animals that Christmas is arriving in North America. The animals need a Christmas tree for this holiday. The animals go to the best place to find a tree for the holidays. The animals went to the perfect spot with trees, but Melanie is not sure which tree should she pick. Melanie is suggested to ask Beverley for a new tree.

Later in the episode, he and Beverley pick icicles while Alfie & Charlie picked fir cones for the tree.

In "The Story of the Merry Jinglewhizz", one Christmas Eve in the North American forest, Randolph tells the animals to be ready for sliding down the hills, but Melanie explains that there is no snow on the hills, so the animals began to sleep while waiting for the snow. Boris then tells Randolph about the snow not appearing at night, so Randolph found Barbara again and found the grey stuff at night. Soon as they waited, there is still no snow. They tried many attempts for the clouds to bring snow, but none of them have worked.

In the end, he and his friends had fun in sliding down the snowy hills.

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