Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa is a 2002 musical Christmas animated television special. It is one of two films produced by Colin Slater's Wolf Tracer Studios. Featuring the voices of Walter Jones, Mark Hamill, Paige O'Hara and Nancy Cartwright, Believe In Santa tells the story of how suburban boy Rick E. Rogers and his friends spend Christmas after the death of Rick E.'s mother.

Believe In Santa was only broadcast once (December 11, 2002 on The WB) and was a lost film until its rediscovery in 2015. It has attracted interest on the Internet as a "so bad it's good" cult film.


Rick E. Rogers (Walter Jones) is a poor preteen boy who lives on Rapsitte Street [sic] with his great-grandmother (Debra Wilson). When his class' Christmas gift exchange is coming up, Rick E. wants to give his teddy bear given to him from his mother before her death to his classmate, Nicole (Paige O'Hara), an affluent and self-centered girl who believes that anything she deems is 'cheap' isn't worth her time. When Rick E. gives her the bear, she angrily rejects it and throws it in the trash, causing Rick E. to run away upset.

After writing a letter to Santa, Rick E. drops one of the letters he was intended to sent to the mailbox, where Nicole would go on to read it and learn that Rick E. asked for Santa to bring toys to all the kids in his class and explaining the sentimental value to his teddy bear. Feeling remorse for what she's done, Nicole, alongside her best friend, Lenee (Jodi Benson), and Rick E.'s friend Smithy (Eddie Driscoll), attempt to find the bear to no avail. After looking through the basement of the local garbageman, Smithy suggests that the bear may be in the local dump. However, upon arriving, the trio are ambushed by guard dogs and the bullies of their class, Todd (Nancy Cartwright), Tug (Clint Howard), and Zeke (J.R. Horsting). Smithy is able to attract the attention of the dogs by throwing his sandwich at Todd, who in return, attack the bullies as they run away. Smithy finds the bear on top of a car and Nicole returns the bear to Rick E., who explains that it was a gift for her and that friendship, like the bear, means a lot to him.

In the film's subplot, after being made fun of by Nicole for still believing in Santa, Lenee begins to question her belief in Santa Claus, causing her to be depressed. It isn't until later on, her father is able to restore her spirits that Lenee is able to not only continue believing in Santa, but also allowing Nicole to believe in Santa too, much to the pleasure of her parents.

The film ends with Nicole and Lenee's family, Rick E. and his grandmother, and Smithy all spending Christmas at Lenee's house.


Actor/Actress Character
Walter JonesRick E. Rogers
Mark HamillEric
Paige O'HaraNicole
Nancy CartwrightTodd
Jodi BensonLenee
Grey DeLisleJenna
Debra WilsonGreat Grandma
Clint HowardTug
Jack AngelBob
April WinchellNana
Eddie DriscollSmithy
Sarina C. GrantMs. Parmington
Robert MachrayPrincipal
Sherry WestonPeg
Andi MathenyDebbie
J.R. Horsting Zeke


Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa has become infamous among fans of bad films. It is noted for its "hideous" computer animation, inexplicably distinguished cast and bizarre production history.

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