Rebel Without a Claus is the first Christmas episode of Squidbillies that debuted on Adult Swim on December 24, 2006.


On Christmas night, Early and his son, Rusty, trap Santa Claus and kill the reindeer. Early tortures Santa, demanding that he be given the best Christmas present ever: the still-beating heart of Jeff Gordon. Santa's elves try numerous efforts to free Santa, but are mauled to death each time. The sheriff stops by the house to see if Early has seen anything suspicious, but is easily distracted by the taste of reindeer meat. When two elves try to offer up Cobb Johnson as a replacement, Early refuses and the elves give up, deciding to work for Johnson instead. Early leaves Santa to die by the side of the road. The sheriff starts to piece together that Early may have had something to do with the disappearance of Santa Claus, but is once again too enamored by the taste of Rudolph's meat.

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