Recipe for a Perfect Christmas is a 2005 Lifetime original movie starring Christine Baseball, Carly Pope and Bobby Cannavale.


A newly appointed food critic finds her life turned upside down when her uninhibited mother arrives announced at Christmas. Desperate to offload her, she enlists the help of a young chef, with surprising results.


Christine BaranskiLee Bellmont
Carly PopeJ.J. Jenner
Bobby CannavaleAlex Stermadapolous
Monica ParkerIrma Van Wyck
Kristen HagerMorgan
Tracy DawsonCody
Peter CockettElliot
Garwin SanfordClay McNeil
Clive WaltonMalcolm Bristol
Fulvio CecereJohnny Iannides
Louise PitreCoco
Dean ArmstrongReynard
Jonas ChernickPeter
Lubomir MykytiukDmitri
Scott GibsonKenny
Lina GiornofeliceSophia Iannides
Michael RubenfeldMiles
Diego KlattenhoffZach
Jacqueline PillonSondra Sumner
Brad Austin
Jean Pearson
Jason Gautreau
Ken PakYoshi
Kelly King
Kim RobertsDotty
Shant SrabianHost
Rosalba MartinniMrs. Gonzalez
Henry Alessandroni
Nancy WardOwner (Ballet school)
Frank AlonziOwner (Coffee shop)
Michael Millar
Melissa Papay
Tea CheneyStarlet
Michael Wilson
Kordo DoskiRashid
Anna Fields (uncredited)Lady
Sandy Kellerman (v.o.; uncrdtd.)Various
Vanessa Thompson (uncrdtd.)Girl (Ballet)


A&E Entertainment released the movie on DVD on October 26, 2010. It is also included in the Lifetime Presents 12 Days of Christmas DVD box set, released on October 23, 2012.

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