Reginald Albert "Red" Forman is a fictional character on the Fox sitcom That '70s Show.


Red is the perpetually disgruntled, ill-tempered father of Eric and Laurie Forman and Kitty Forman's husband. He is incredibly insensitive and shows little empathy or understanding for other people's feelings, and verbally abuses many of the people who he comes in contact with. He shows very little respect for his son Eric and views him as weak and inferior, and shows very little regard for many of the people in his life, including his neighbors, Bob and Midge Pinciotti, mainly Bob, whom he regularly threatens with physical abuse. He shows very strict discipline to those with lesser authority than himself (especially the teenagers), from which he seems to take joy. In his youth, Red served in the U.S. Navy (in the 2000 episode, "Jackie Bags Hyde", he is shown wearing the winter-blue uniform of a chief petty officer for Veterans Day) and often brings up memories of his service in Korea.

Relationship with the teenagers

In general Red doesn't like Eric's friends hanging out in his home. One of his favorite phrases to describe Eric and his friends is "dumbass". He also threatens the teens that he will put his "foot in your ass". In the finale he claims that he once put his foot in someone's ass in Iwo Jima. His antagonism towards the teenagers is because Red prefers peace and quiet, believing that since he has worked hard and raised his children, he deserves time to himself and with Kitty. With regards to his neighbors, Bob and Midge Pinciotti, it is indicated that Red used to enjoy their friendship before they started to get involved "into every fad there is". Even though he feels that Bob is a "good neighbor and a good friend", he gets easily annoyed in Bob's presence.

Appearances in Christmas Specials

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