"Retrospective" is the first Christmas episode of NBC's sitcom Diff'rent Strokes, produced and aired as the eighth episode of its first season.


Phillip and his family gather around their Christmas tree and recall the many humorous incidents that they have shared since Willis and Arnold moved in (recalling the first seven episodes of the show).

Featured clips

  1. "Movin' In" - Arnold and Wilis's moving in.
  2. "The Social Worker" - The time Arnold and Wilis almost left.
  3. "Mother's Last Visit" - Arnold and Wilis meeting Mr. Dramond's mother.
  4. "Prep School" - Arnold and Wilis trying to be accepted to Digbi.
  5. "The Spanking" - Arnold throwing water bombs and being punished.
  6. "Goodbye Dolly" - Arnold loosing his doll.
  7. "The Trial" - Arnold being blamed for putting Abraham in the hot tub.


Conrad BainPhilip Drummond
Gary ColemanArnold Jackson
Todd BridgesWillis Jackson
Dana PlatoKimberly Drummond
Charlotte RaeEdna Garrett

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