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Better to give? That's hard to believe.

— WC Fields as Scrooge, blowing off the advice of Jimmy Stewart as Dick Wilkins

Rich Little's Christmas Carol is an 1978 CBC special that was premiered on December 1978.

The special starred impersonator Rich Little in a one-man performance, playing all the parts from Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol in the voices of famous actors.


All played by Rich Little
Voice impression(s) Character(s)
W.C. Fields Scrooge
Paul Lynde Bob Cratchit
Humphrey Bogart the Ghost of Christmas Past
Peter Falk the Ghost of Christmas Present
Peter Sellers the Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come
Richard Nixon Jacob Marley
Truman Capote Tiny Tim
Groucho Marx Fezziwig
Edith Bunker Mrs. Cratchit
Johnny Carson Nephew Fred
Jimmy Stewart Dick Wilkins
John Wayne
George Burns
James Mason
Jack Benny Boy (Outside Window)
Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Charity Solicitors

This special is available on a DVD set along with Rich Little's similar themed retelling of Robin Hood, released in 2007.  

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