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Rizzo the Rat is a character from The Muppet Show, introduced during the show's fourth season. He was created by Steve Whitmire after he took a fascination to a bunch of old rat puppets originally made for The Muppet Musicians of Bremen. Rizzo has a tendency to crack jokes at the expense of the other Muppets and sometimes tries to cheat people into getting what he wants, but has a sensitive side and is also good friends with other Muppets, particularly Gonzo.

Appearances in Christmas specials[]

The Muppets[]

Rizzo meets Oscar

Rizzo with Oscar the Grouch in A Muppet Family Christmas.

Gonzo and Rizzo Gift of the Magi

Rizzo with Gonzo in It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie.

  • It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie - At the beginning of this 2002 made-for-TV movie, Rizzo and Gonzo are among the Muppets exchanging gifts at the Muppet Theater's Christmas party. Rizzo reveals that he sold his collection of rare cheese to buy a crystal petri dish for Gonzo's mold collection, but Gonzo tells him sold his mold collection to buy him a diamond-tipped cheese slicer. Rizzo responds by asking if Gonzo kept the receipt. Later, in the world where Kermit was never born, it is shown that Rizzo would end up in a segment on Fear Factor where an unfortunate contest has to eat him alive.
  • A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa
  • Lady Gaga & the Muppets' Holiday Spectacular

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