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"Robot Chicken's Half-A**ed Christmas Special" is the second Christmas special of the Adult Swim show Robot Chicken.


  1. Hermey's Dentistry
  2. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
  3. Born In a Manger
  4. Lighting Up the Christmas Lights
  5. The Lion, the Witch and the Locker
  6. Office Christmas Parties
  7. Misery, My Sweet Babboo
  8. Little Drummer Goku


Voice actor/actress Characters
Seth Green The Nerd
Daniel 'Gyro-Robo'
Mr. Tumnus
Joseph of Nazareth
Regis Philbin
George Lowe Unicorn
Seth MacFarlane Aslan
Santa Claus
Zachary Gordon Charlie Brown
Linus Van Pelt
Emma Caulfield Jadis the White Witch
Mike Fasolo Peter Pevensie
Wise Man #1
Tom Root Bully
Wise Man #2
Katelin Peterson Sally Brown
Virgin Mary
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