"Robot Chicken Christmas Special" is the first Christmas episode of the Adult Swim show Robot Chicken.


This is the first "special" episode that is not part of a season, containing mostly previously aired holiday themed segments from Season 1.


  1. Santa Gets Hurt (From "Junk in the Trunk")
  2. A Very Dragon Ball Z Christmas (Later used in "Easter Basket")
  3. Bring Out Your Dead (From "Gold Dust Gasoline")
  4. Unsolved Case Files: Claus & Effect (From "Nightmare Generator")
  5. Pattycake (From "Nutcracker Sweet")
  6. Frosty Flame-Thrower
  7. Last Supper Food Fight (From "The Black Cherry")
  8. Kill Bunny (From "The Deep End")
  9. Happy Holidays
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