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Rodeo & Juliet is a made-for-TV Christmas-themed UP TV original movie, distributed worldwide by MarVista Entertainment, that was originally premiered on November 1, 2015.


When her estranged grandfather dies, city-girl Juliet Rogers is forced to go back with her mom, Karen, to their family ranch during Christmas. It's been 20 years since Karen was at the ranch, and Juliet has never been. Immediately, Karen is set at odds with Hugh Anderson, her father's ranch boss, who also happens to be her ex-fiance. Hugh claims that he is part owner of the ranch, but Karen intends to sell it. The two start to battle over the ranch, bringing up old feelings long buried. Juliet occupies herself with her grandfather’s horse, Rodeo, and the two form a special bond. Hugh’s nephew, Monty, agrees to secretly teach Juliet how to ride Rodeo, and the two start to fall for each other. Hugh & Karen begin to rekindle their own romance, leaving them to make a big decision about their fate and the ranch's.


Actress/actor Character
Krista Allen Karen Rogers
Tim Abell Hugh Anderson
Nadine Crocker Juliet Rogers
Zeb Halsell Monty Anderson
Ariel Lucius Nan
Buck Taylor Judge Brandon Lawrence
Chris Ranney Bill Atterbury
Thadd Turner Announcer
Lauren Alexandra Cleo
Mary Risener Shelly
Victoria Bergeron Mary
Gavin Blakley Ian
Eileen Daley Roz
Aamina Spencer Katherine
Jazmine Reynolds Recorder
Colette Lemonier Tanya Wells
Samantha Johnston Darlene Laves
Blake Miller Jeremy
Edward Buckles Bobby
Cosmo (Horse) Rodeo
Cynthia Turner (uncredited) Woman at Recorder

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