Ruth is one of the main characters from The Star.


She is a fluffy sheep with green eyes.


She is friendly, smart and helpful.


Early Life


The Star

Bo decides to warn them with Dave joining him. Along the way they meet a friendly sheep named Ruth who left her flock when she saw the star but the others refused to follow her. They catch up to Mary and Joseph in time to warn them, and hide them in a market place where the soldier ties up his dogs.

Bo and Dave return and make up with Ruth. They convince a frustrated Joseph to talk to Mary, who admits that it has been difficult for her and that she is scared of the importance of the baby. Joseph and Mary make up when the latter begins having contractions. They arrive at Bethlehem where Joseph can't find an inn for Mary. The miller, who just so happened to be there too, kidnaps Bo with Dave and Ruth leaving to rescue him. The wise men arrive as well, but the camels, who are aware of Herod's plot, are left tied to a post.

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