Samuel "Sam" Dullard is one of the main characters from the Nickelodeon animated series Rocket Power. He is a boy in the same age group as Otto and Twister, and also one of Reggie's classmates. He and his divorced mom Paula live in a house on Ozone Street in Ocean Shores, near the Rodriguez and the Rocket households. Sam, who inherited the title of "Squid" from Twister, is intelligent beyond his years, and although it takes him a while to learn how to skate and surf well, one role in which he excels is as goal tender of the youth-league hockey team which comprises himself, Reggie, Otto, and Twister.

Appearances in Christmas specials

In the series' Christmas episode, "A Rocket X-Mas", when Otto and Reggie start walking their neighbors' dogs so they can afford a longboard for their dad, Sam assists them in this, despite his own difficulties getting the dogs to walk. On Christmas Eve, he drops out to go buy a weed-butcher as a present for his mother. Later, however, the Rocket siblings come to Sam for help after Otto accidentally loses the dogs due to Twister's brother Lars daring him in to a race. As it turns out, Sam had anticipated such a problem to arise and had put tracking devices on each of the dogs ahead of time. With Sam overseeing things from his room, the Rocket siblings manage to gather the dogs and return them to their owners.

A year before "A Rocket X-Mas" aired, Sam and his friends also had a brief cameo in the Merry Nickmas short "The 12 Days of Nickmas". He and his pals are seen riding their skateboards in front of their fellow Nicktoon characters.

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